Setting Healthy Boundaries at Work

by Dr. Cheryl Williams-Jackson

Mental Wellness Coach

For those who are naturally drawn to accidental or intentional over-commitment, the workplace can be an ideal place to create unhealthy boundaries. It is also an easy place to have loose boundaries when you are working for someone else because you may worry that you will lose your job or miss out on promotion opportunities if you are not going above and beyond.

Standout employees are sought by employers, but there is a limit to how much time and effort you should invest.

It might be time to re-evaluate your boundaries if it is largely interfering with your personal life, making you stressed, or taking up most of your time.

Although the tips shared here may not apply to your specific work environment, think about how they might benefit you.

Self-care today

Consider These Boundaries

1. Understand what your work expectations are. When you get hired or get a promotion, it’s a good idea to have your employer lay out exactly what the work expectations are.

That way you and your employer both have a clear idea of what your job description entails.

For example, you may know upon being hired that your job requires “light travel.” If you find yourself traveling every weekend, what conversations are needed with your employer? Clarification and negotiation are key components in setting boundaries that will work for you and your employer.

    2. Set limits on your time commitment. With today’s technology, it’s possible for people to contact you at any point. You can receive work emails during the night or phone calls during dinner with your family.

    • If your place of employment is non-emergency related, have certain times of the day when you won’t look at emails or receive phone calls. Let fellow employees or employers know certain hours when you won’t be available. It is so important not provide access to you 24/7 by colleagues or your employe


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