Finding Realistic Self-Care:

A Journey Towards a Self-Care Mindset

Here is an experience that resonates with many – you are participating in a workshop with the anticipation of unearthing pragmatic self-care skills, only to grapple with the challenge of integrating these practices into your fast-paced 9-to-5 routine and the overwhelming demands of work. A workshop participant recently shared this sentiment, which resonates with countless others – a feeling that often leads to the conclusion, “I simply don’t have the time for this self-care thing.”

In a recent workshop, a participant shared,

“You talked about taking a nap every day for self-care and biking a couple of times a week. This is impossible for those of us who work 9-5. Do you have any realistic self-care options?”

But let’s pause for a moment and consider something crucial: Self-care is not about comparing ourselves to others or attempting to fit into someone else’s routine. It’s about carving out moments in our unique lives that nurture our well-being. It’s a highly personal journey, one that’s tailored to fit our needs, circumstances, and desires.

Let’s break this down. It’s true, for this participant – not everyone has the luxury of a midday nap or biking a considerable distance during the workday – or do they? Our lives are diverse and filled with responsibilities, and we often wonder if self-care is even possible amidst the chaos. But that’s where the concept of a self-care mindset comes into play.


A self-care mindset is like a pair of personalized glasses through which you view your life. It’s about understanding that self-care isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution. It’s recognizing that while napping at midday might work for some, there are more practical options for others. And that’s perfectly alright.

Instead of dismissing an idea because it doesn’t seem feasible, a self-care mindset invites you to explore what would work for you. It encourages you to ask yourself, “What self-care activities can I realistically integrate into my day?” It could be taking a 10-minute nap or walk during your lunch break, finding moments of mindfulness while sipping your morning coffee, or even indulging in a favorite hobby for a short while before bed.




The thing about naps is that they don’t have to be long, luxurious affairs. A power nap of 5-15 minutes can work wonders in boosting your energy and focus. And here’s the beauty – breaks are not limited to napping. A self-care mindset opens the door to creativity. “Maybe” your lunch break involves:

A 15-minute bike ride.

Reading a few pages of a book.


Even taking that quick nap.

But what about the scarcity mindset that sometimes holds us back? A scarcity mindset is like wearing glasses that only sees limitations. It’s thinking, “I can’t do that because I don’t have enough time or resources.” This mindset keeps us stuck in a loop of believing there’s not enough of anything to go around.

The Scarcity Mindset

Might make us believe that naps or any form of self-care during the day is impossible. It’s as if the idea of taking a break is clouded by thoughts of not having the luxury of choice. This mindset can stifle creativity and lock us into a narrow perspective that focuses on what the other person is doing, not what could be created for oneself.

Imagine if we embraced a self-care mindset.

 Instead of fixating on what we can’t do, we would be empowered to explore what we can do. A break, regardless of how short, is an opportunity to recharge. And while napping might not always be possible, we could find a version of rejuvenation – be it a brisk walk, a moment of deep breathing, or a few minutes of mindfulness.

The bottom line is this:

Self-care is not about comparing ourselves to others or attempting to fit into someone else’s routine. It’s about carving out moments in our unique lives that nurture our well-being. And a self-care mindset is the key that unlocks the door to this possibility. So, let’s shift our perspective, step into our creative selves, and discover the self-care practices that truly work for us.

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I attended Dr. Cheryl Williams-Jackson’s training sessions several times. Her sessions are what I needed to boost my mindset and working practices. I appreciated the approach on topics with some fantastic takeaways that I can put into practice. I will be able to carry the lessons learned going forward. Thanks again for your knowledge.

~Symone Mixon, Educator, Alabama



“Dr. Cheryl Williams-Jackson has been an inspiration in my life since taking a few of her classes and sessions. My view on life and how I see and treat others have changed. This has helped me to have more patience with others by understanding others’ past experiences.”

~Apostle Barbara Clark, Alabama



If you are looking to increase knowledge, skills, and awareness through workshops, training or coaching look no further! The Psychosocial Rehabilitation Supervisors Workshop I attended was awesome! The material was presented actively and engagingly. The experience was insightful and continues to influence my professional development regularly. I have since returned to attend several pieces of training and have never been disappointed!

~Ruthie Torres, M.A., LMFT, Professor and Therapist, California



Dr. Jackson has coached me in both personal and professional ways. Her style is very person-centered. She provided support with such an empowering, equitable, and personalized approach. She motivates me towards achieving my own professional goals while overcoming challenges interfering with my professional development and implementing that same approach in my work with clients.

~Hanat Balimuttajjo, Balimu Healing


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