Our Mission

Our mission is to prioritize self-care in order to enhance our overall physical, mental, and emotional well-being. We believe that by taking care of ourselves, we can live fulfilling and meaningful lives, and be better equipped to care for others and achieve our goals. Through intentional and consistent self-care practices, we strive to cultivate self-awareness, build resilience, and improve our quality of life. Our ultimate aim is to create a world where self-care is recognized as a necessary component of a healthy and happy life.

How can WJDC help?

WJ Developmental Consultants innovative workshops guide organizations by helping them understand the importance of mental health to recognize and navigate cultural differences by adapting to different environments, improving work-life balance, and fostering healthy relationships within an organizational culture and family work-life balance.

What is WJDC?

WJ Developmental Consultants is a provider of personal and professional development services that promote mental health and well-being for individuals from all walks of life.

Intentional Self-Care and Personal Development

Personal Development and Self-Care go hand and hand. We offer coaching and courses to enhance your self- growth. Join us to practice  new techniques and learn new strategies to enhance your quality of life.

Socio-Cultural Equity Dialogue (ScED)

Our society is plagued with biases simply based on one’s identity. ScED builds awareness, knowledge, skills, and action to positively change our organizations and lives.

Recalibrate Your Life

Sign up now! Courses are offered ongoing and will explore various aspects of  self-development and personal growth. The goal is to create change and transformation where it is needed.

These are examples of our Current Workshops for individuals and organizations.

Connect with Recalibrate Shopping Gallery

We provide items to remind you of this crucial part of life that we often forget. In the business world of maintaining a career and being there for your family, we can forget that if wellness does not include you…it’s just not complete.

What is 5-Day Goal Planning Challenge?

This 5-day challenge will guide you through simple actions you can take daily that will increase your productivity and goal-setting ability.


Coaching can be the GPS or roadmap to the changes one hopes to gain. We offer Business and Personal Coaching to assist you in mapping out your personal or professional transformation.


Stress levels often interfere with the journey to reaching your goal. We integrate stress management into your journey through the…



Building awareness and goal-setting are crucial components of effective coaching. Goal planning is the GPS or roadmap to the changes one hopes to gain.


Addressing Race-Based Stress: Strategies for Self-Care and Healing” webinar!

Join us for a two-day webinar focused on self-care and healing strategies that face race-based stress. Led by Dr. Cheryl Williams-Jackson, an experienced mental health professional, this webinar is designed to help you recognize, prevent, and heal from race-based stress.

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Testimonial #1: I attended Dr. Cheryl Williams-Jackson’s training sessions several times. Her sessions are what I needed to boost my mindset and working practices. I appreciated the approach on topics with some fantastic takeaways that I can put into practice. I will be able to carry the lessons learned going forward. Thanks again for your knowledge.

Symone Mixon, Educator, Alabama

Testimonial #2: If you are looking to increase knowledge, skills, and awareness through workshops, training or coaching look no further! The Psychosocial Rehabilitation Supervisors Workshop I attended was awesome! The material was presented actively and engagingly. The experience was insightful and continues to influence my professional development regularly. I have since returned to attend several pieces of training and have never been disappointed!

Ruthie Torres, M.A., LMFT, Professor and Therapist, California

TESTIMONIAL #3: “Dr. Cheryl Williams-Jackson has been an inspiration in my life since taking a few of her classes and sessions. My view on life and how I see and treat others have changed. This has helped me to have more patience with others by understanding others’ past experiences.”

Apostle Barbara Clark, Alabama

Testimonial #4: Attending the DEI+J Train the Trainer Workshop Series guided how to maneuver this never-ending work. It energized and validated efforts while providing mindful skills to put into practice.

A. Zaragoza, California

Testimonial #5: Dr. Jackson has coached me in both personal and professional ways. Her style is very person-centered. She provided support with such an empowering, equitable, and personalized approach. She motivates me towards achieving my own professional goals while overcoming challenges interfering with my professional development and implementing that same approach in my work with clients.

Hanat Balimuttajjo, Balimu Healing

About Dr. Cheryl Williams-Jackson


Dr. Williams-Jackson’s lifelong personal mission is to lay a strong foundation of behavioral understanding, to make a noticeable impact on her colleagues, and employees’ mental health within organizations, and to improve the family dynamic around the world. Through her active practice and research, she has identified areas of opportunity for improvement on the mental health spectrum that has built momentum toward bridging the gaps. She has gone on the record as an advocate for change.

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