Professionals who work forward-facing with people sometimes neglect themselves daily. This workshop will help professionals learn how to develop a mental health check-up plan and explore various strategies to explore the plan that will work for them. The purpose of this workshop is to equip professionals with tools and resources that cater to their daily self-care specific to maintaining a healthy balance whether it is at the job, at home, or on the go.

Self-care is any intentional action that an individual takes to care for their physical, mental, and emotional health. Through the use of structured experiences, group discussions, and practical activities, this workshop offers an engaging and interactive session. The goal is to create space and opportunity for participants to understand the science of stress, and positivity, and build skills to increase overall wellness.

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  • Ongoing discussions board
  • Reflective practice activities
  • Engaging in relaxation practice sessions
  • Wheel of life Activity

Each participant will receive a copy of the Intentional Self-Care Journal.

Intentional Self-Care Series Objectives:

1. Participants will learn the foundations of self-care and the science of stress.

2. Participants will practice skill-building to maximize workplace performance and personal performance.

3. Participants will evaluate their coping skills and identify areas of improvement.

4. Participants will develop a personalized self-care plan.

5. Participants will build a list of social supports in their network.


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Regardless of the profession, we seldom think about our self-development and daily self-care. We maintain our physical health by seeing a doctor, eating healthy, or exercising.

The same is not true of the ways we maintain our mental wellness. Most often we wait until a vacation or holiday break before we take that deep breath that our bodies and minds were cravings for. Or we wait for the weekend to take what looks like a mental break.

Some people “live for the weekend” to break from the routines that may be stressful. It is a plan, but not as sustainable as integrating ongoing self-growth and self-care into our lives consistently and effectively. Our goal is to create intentionality in maintaining one’s mental wellness with strategies that are specific to each person’s needs.

  • Create a culture of wellness in your personal life or the organization
  • Gain a better understanding of what are the stressors in your organization or personal life.
  • Explore ideas and strategies for addressing employee (individual) stress.

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