“Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated.”

– Confucious

In just about every project or event, things can be simple or they can be made complicated.


Life is Simple

A meal can be a couple of simple ingredients served from one dish or it can be a multi-stage experience with a whole range of rules and required tools for eating it the right way.

A Christmas tree can be simple with a few lights and a string of popcorn, or it can be a lavish display that takes hours to get just right.

If you love the process of multiple steps and higher costs, enjoy it! If you’ve become stressed by any part of it, it’s good to be reminded that complexity is not a guarantee of higher enjoyment.

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Your Small Action Spark

If you’re making something complicated – is there really a good reason to?

Could you and everyone else be just as happy with a simpler set up?



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